Health Related Dreams

Would you like to have a comprehensive and personalized no cost health plan?  How about one that allows for all pre existing conditions, provides for an unlimited number of treatments, gives special nursing care, is proactive in recommending alternative and complementary care options, makes multidisciplinary treatment recommendations, is open to out of network specialists, has an in house cancer detection testing service, and can draw upon the power of loving spiritual energy?  Yes, those are silly rhetorical questions.  Nevertheless, in a way we do have access to such a plan.

Dreams related to health are far more common than is generally believed.  A positive intention to maintain good health and actively questioning during the day whether various activities are in the interests of maintaining one’s health will stimulate health related dreams.  I have had dreams that deal with everything from a finger infection to kidney stones.  As a result, I‘ve been able to combine allopathic medicine with complementary medicine and maintain better health than relying on one or the other.

Of course, it is necessary to learn how to recognize when one has had a health related dream.  I have learned to pay attention to what nurses have to say in my dreams.  I’ve also learned that various preparations and over the counter remedies show up symbolically in my dreams.  In some ways, the advent of genetically modified grains and the use of dangerous pesticides to name only a couple of culprits, it is becoming more difficult to maintain good health.

Let’s share information about health related dreams with one another.  Right here on the website is a good place to start.  I welcome your comments and tips.

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