Dreams – A Health Monitoring System

Most of us know that if we eat something that causes a radical gut reaction, we’re setting ourselves up for a nightmare. What many people don’t know is that dreams can also forewarn us of potential health problems. Many people report dreams of illness before the illness shows up in the physical body.

‘Best’ Dreams, Just Prior to Waking

clockDreams that occur just prior to waking may be the most valuable in terms of content, although some people disagree.  Dreams that are considered “the best” are known to wake up dreamers as early as 3a.m. in the morning.  In fact, some people request dreams at a certain time of night, and sure enough they end up reaching for the flashlight (or torch if they’re in the UK) to write them down at that time.

Health Related Dreams

Would you like to have a comprehensive and personalized no cost health plan?  How about one that allows for all pre existing conditions, provides for an unlimited number of treatments, gives special nursing care, is proactive in recommending alternative and complementary care options, makes multidisciplinary treatment recommendations, is open to out of network specialists, has an in house cancer detection testing service, and can draw upon the power of loving spiritual energy?  Yes, those are silly rhetorical questions.  Nevertheless, in a way we do have access to such a plan.
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Storytelling as an Approach to Dreamwork

In a recent communication, Henry Reed, a former assistant professor of psychology at Princeton who is sometimes referred to as the Father of the Dreamwork Movement, discussed the advantages of learning about dreams by reading stories about them. Using the book Live By Your Dreams as an example, he said, “This story approach to teaching about dreams has a particular and distinct advantage. Rather than getting bogged down in coming up with a perfect interpretation of a dream, we see in these stories how there are various ways to develop a relationship with the dream; and bring it in to making a difference in one’s life.  And I think that is very important.  There are many different ways in which we can enjoy the blessings that dreams bring to us without having decided that we have interpreted this dream and done the dreamwork.” Continue Reading →